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Millennium Nights

               Millennium Nights takes to Navodaya campus like a time machine where Rahul, Shivam, Sourabh,   Mohit and Vivek are struggling against seniors. They shrewdly take revenge from every notorious  senior.

                Last two years bring several adventurous twists. Rahul likes Suman, Shivam is enchanted by  Nisha, a junior whom Surtal’s eagle eye stuck. Sourabh meets a Muslim girl outside his hostel. She gives him the most valuable gift. In the end they spend the most crucial time on horrible night of  millennium.

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Anubhooti – A Navodayan Bonding            

                       Year 2017 Anubhooti- A Naovodayan Bonding is published by the team effort of twenty poets from eight different states of India. A Navodayan alumnus Sunil Kumar Das has compiled about 95 beautiful poetry. Azeem Shah is one of those, represented Madhya Pradesh with his five soft and emotional poems.

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